Sundays The Taj

Sundays The Taj

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SHOW IN BLACK, Top is actually Laeden Grey.

Raw edge raglan trim hoodie with asymmetric pulls. Made of Lux French Terry consisting of 58% Cotton 37% Polyester 5% Spandex Baby French Terry

 I am a kind soul. I am funny. I am ageless. I am determined. I am authentic. I am Sundays.

Sundays was created by Julie Marder and Callie Nichol. They collaborated on the first Sundays collection the fall of 2014 and opened up the eyes of casual wearers across the country. Julie has over 20 years experience as a Retailer, Product Developer and International Global Brand Manager.

The love of riding her horse on Sunday mornings along with her daughter brought her to the idea to create this effortless luxury brand.Callie is also no stranger to the competitive horse world herself and has spent many Sundays showing her two horses, Levi and Laggerfield. Fresh from design school she was ready to challenge and mix up the casual / active market. Concentrating on the handfeel and colors of the fabric along with special 'effortless' cut side vents, fitting the perfect armhole, and details that make every garment special, unique, wearable and effortless!

Enjoy your Sunday.....wearing Sundays